How does it work?
HairMaker® Build consists of natural fibers to be used on your hair where needed. You only need a few moments in the morning to get thick, full hair that lasts all day. Clean HairMaker® Build out of your hair in the evening.

Your hair appears fuller without the use of chemical and artificial additives. HairMaker® Build does not compromise the natural balance of your skin or hair. It is available in a range of colors. The colors can also be mixed in order to match your specific hair colour.

1. Sprinkle HairMaker® Build in clean, dry hair on thin patches. Distribute the fibers better by moving the container and a dry hand in light, circular movements during the application.

2. Spray HairMaker® Fix on your hair at a distance of approximately 15cm or 6inches where you used HairMaker® Build. This will secure the fibers and protect your full hair all day.

3. Use HairMaker® Wash in the evening to clean HairMaker® Build out of your hair. This is a mild and nourishing shampoo for everyday use.

Worth Knowing
Your hair needs to be at least 5mm long for the cotton fibers in the HairMaker® Build to be able to stick. Your full hair will last all day, but we don't recommend exposing it to heavy rain, as this may cause some of the fibers to fall off. If your hair color differs from the basic colors, feel free to mix all HairMaker® Build colors to match your exact color.

Caution: for external use only. Keep out of reach of children.
Avoid contact with eyes. Do not consume or inhale.







Suggested Add-ons

Lint Remover
Very handy & compact when you accidentally dust your shirt and good for all other lints
Made of fabric, easily cleaned by rubbing it with your fingers, not sticky!

Please do inform us if you want this to be included in delivery
Can be purchased at Muji for 185php

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